Vietnam Fishery Improvement Program


The Fishery Improvement Program (FIP) for the Vietnamese handline and longline tuna fishery was initiated in September 2012 and officially launched on April 1st, 2014. This fishery consists of approximately 2000 vessels with estimated 14,000 metric tons of annual landings and total export value of nearly 370 million USD.

FIP scoping and an MSC pre-assessment were completed in December 2013. After a stakeholder workshop and workplan development phase, A FIP Action Plan was prepared and formally endorsed in January 2014.

The Action Plan identified WWF and the national industry group VinaTuna as co-client of the FIP. The two entities form the FIP coordination Unit.


The FIP is now in its implementation phase, with activities commenced and scheduled to be tracked and audited annually through to 2018. Quarterly review will also be prepared by the FIP coordination unit in collaboration with industry stakeholders.

Since the very beginning, Anova/Fishing & Living has been supporting this program and took active steps in engaging its suppliers and fishermen. Through the Fishing & Living initiative, improvement efforts are focused on the longline and handline yellowfin tuna fishery located in the Phu Yen Province.

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