Vietnam FIP Traceability- “Fit for FIP”


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The FIP is trialling the application of “Fit for FIP” traceability to ensure that Vietnam yellowfin tuna is differentiated in the marketplace. This requirement is particularly important in Vietnam where export volume exceeds domestic catch and over half of total exports (i.e. frozen yellowfin steak and loins) use foreign raw material which is re-exported.   FIP Partners, such as ANOVA are required to have a traceability system in place within 1 year, and for this system to be audited by an independent 3rd party within 18 months. These measures will help ensure unqualified products do not dilute the marketplace with inappropriate “FIP” fish.


FIP stakeholders have agreed on 5 principles for Traceability based on which minimum standards and documentation requirements will be defined by December 2014.