Vietnam FIP – Traceability Audits

During the last FIP annual meeting conduct at Nha Trang in October 2016, four Vietnam tuna processors agreed to trial a traceability code specifically developed to differentiate tuna coming from the Vietnam FIP. The main reason for this is that Vietnam is a major re-exported of tuna and therefore large amounts of tuna products imported and re-exported by Vietnam are not originally from Vietnamese national waters.

Hong Ngoc PTE, one of the main suppliers of FIP product  started to use “Fit 4 FIP? code in February 2017 and in April 2017, Bureau Veritas conducted a mock audit of the system to ensure its robustness and validity in ensuring comprehensive traceability of FIP tuna products. Hong Ngoc PTE’s system successfully passed the mock audit. Bureau Veritas auditors, along with VINATUNA, will further support Hong Ngoc PTE and other processors to stream line their system and prepare for the “real” audit.


audit HN 1 IMG_20170404_085021

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