Vietnam FIP: Fishing & Living organizes third fishermen training

Hoi thao (1)As part of its commitment to the Vietnam Tuna Fishery Improvement Project, Anova/Fishing & Living, a partner in the project, organized a 3rd fishermen training. The event took place on May 24th 2016 in the city of Tam Quan, Binh Dinh, one of the 3 focus provinces for the FIP. The training was a collaborative effort between Anova/Fishing & Living, a major local tuna processor, Vinatuna and the provincial government of Binh Dinh.

The training was attended by 39 tuna fishermen and covered several important topics including: 1) an introduction to the FIP and the importance of MSC certification 2) how to properly fill in the WCPFC logbook 3) how to maintain the quality of tuna on-board.


The Binh Dinh government has a long experience of using the WCPFC logbook and therefore was able to give a comprehensive training on how to properly fill in the logbook. Fishermen were also explained the importance of good logbook data for developing robust and science-based fisheries management measures.

Participants provided positive feedback for the training, requesting more similar trainings as well as trainings covering safety-at-sea, endangered, threatened and protected species (ETPs) and how to improve the quality of their catch and get a better return. Fishing & Living will take that feedback into account for future trainings and activities.


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