The Fair Trade Premium

IMG_2019Under the Fair Trade standard, the Fair Trade premium can be received by a Fair Trade Commitee which represents all fishermen associations that are Fair Trade certified. There are currently two Fair Trade Commitees (FTCs), one in Asilulu (Ambon Island) and one in Waipure (North Buru Island). In December 2014, both FTCs received their first Fair Trade premium checks. As part of the standard, the premium is transferred via a Market Access Partner (MAP). In this case, the Market Access Partner is Coral Triangle Processor/Anova USA who is responsible for submitting the premium to the two Fair Trade Committees. The premium is defined by Fair Trade USA and consists of approximately 10% of the price at landing. FairTrade product is currently available in selected Safeway stores in Northern California, under Anova’s Natural Blue brand.