The Fair Trade Indonesian Handline Tuna Fishery- Seram Island

Seram Island

Seram is the largest island in the Maluku chain, with the F&L sites located on the southern coast, approximately two hours from Masohi port. The majority of the sites are nestled in Taluti Bay, with Mount Binaiya towering impressively in the background. The famous Manusela national park is located just north of Binaiya. The houses are colourful, with plenty of goats and chickens wandering around the villages. Various nuts and spices can be seen drying on sheets in the streets, similar to other islands in Maluku, with the area also commonly known as the Spice Islands.

Fair Trade Certification 

The handline fishermen on Seram Island became Fair Trade certified in March of 2015. The fishermen are distributed in 6 different villages on the North and South coasts of the island. Seram fishermen are investing their Fair Trade premium back into their communities as well as into ocean conservation projects.

The Seram Handline Fishery

Handline boats (6)

The Seram Island handline Yellowfin tuna fishery consists of small single-handed boats that go out to sea for 1 day at a time. Fishermen travel out to sea in groups and locate tuna schools using natural cues such as dolphins or birds, as school of tuna naturally associate with these. Fishermen use highly selective handline gear: one line, one hook, one tuna. The average daily catch usually consists of 1 to 3 large tuna and smaller other fish for the local market.

Fishery Improvement Project

Seram Island fishermen are part of the Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) for the Indonesia handline tuna fishery. The FIP started in 2010 and is aiming for MSC certification. With a field team of 3 sustainability facilitators, F&L supports community and sustainability projects such as ocean awareness programs, beach clean ups, recycling programs, safety-at-sea and data collection.


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