Sea Turtle & Sharks Fisher Awareness in Vietnam Tuna Fisheries

01.As part of the Vietnam Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) for Tuna fisheries, Fishing & Living designed posters on sharks and sea turtles. The posters present general information on the importance sharks and sea turtles in the ecosystem, why we need to protect them, how to differentiate species and how to protect them.

On June 8th 2017 – World Ocean Day, Fishing & Living conducted an fisher awareness program in the fishing community of Phu Yen. During this trip, Fishing & Living Vietnam program coordinate and two volunteers of Nha Trang University discussed with fishers and the fishing community about sharks and sea turtles, how these may be in danger of becoming extinct and how important these are for a sustainable future.




With the agreement of vessel owners, we placed 42 posters (21 posters of sea turtles and 21 posters of sharks) on 2 longline vessels and 19 handline vessels in a location where it will be easy for them to see them everyday on their trip. We also placed poster on two fishing ports (Dong Tac and Ward 6) in Phu Yen and some places where fishing community can read when they have free time.

This also helps fulfill milestone no.26 of Vietnam’s Yellowfin Tuna Fishery Improvement Project “Fisher awareness program on sharks and sea turtles”.



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