Partnership with MDPI

Logo_MDPIMDPI: Masyarakat dan Perikanan Indonesia, an Indonesian foundation formed in January 2014, has become the main implementer on the ground of ANOVA Fishing & Living activities. MDPI’s mission is to improve the sustainability of all tuna fisheries in Indonesia, by partnering with organizations involved in improving other types of tuna fisheries.

MDPI is equipped with staff, experience and knowledge on the many and varied aspects of Indonesian and regional tuna management concepts, both from a sustainable fishery objective and from that of the community development side. Fishing & Living realizes the value of having an NGO such as MDPI support its implementation of fisheries improvement programs on the ground, sees MDPI’s ability to liaise successfully with the government on behalf of tuna industry throughout Indonesia and also the ability of MDPI to bring together stakeholders from various streams of the tuna industry in the region.

“Working with MDPI allows Fishing & Living to continue aiming for its own mandate of improvement for the sustainability and the communities of the tuna fishery in Indonesia but with a new and innovative approach”. ”We understand that sustainability is bigger than the CSR program of one company, we need to work with organizations who have the ability to reach a wider spectrum of players and who have a vision similar to ours…..this is what the partnership with MDPI means for us and our work on sustainable tuna in South East Asia and beyond!”


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