FIP Industry Advisory Group Meeting

iag_nov2017The annual FIP Industry Advisory Group (IAG) meeting took place over the course of two-days (October 24-25, 2016) in Nha Trang city, located in the Khan Hoa province.  The meeting aimed to share discuss FIP progress since the last meeting in November 2015. Industry partners presented their work followed by discussions with all participants which included local processors, the Directorate of Fisheries, Vinatuna, WWF Vietnam and provincial governments.




Progress was main on the following points:

  • Guidance document on WCPFC harvest strategy requirements
  • Workshop to explore management options
  • 3 country workshop (Vietnam, Phillipines and Indonesia) to explore acceptable reference points
  • Draft of a shark National Plan Of Action and by-catch risk assessment conducted.
  • A Vietnam Tuna Advisory Committee (VTAC) was formed and chaired by Vinatuna
  • Traceability project launched and to be fully deployed in 2017


Key recommendations were formulated to ensure effective progress, which included:

  • Vietnam’s continued participation in WCPFC’s science working groups
  • Continued increase logbook coverage
  • Development of a harvest strategy in line with WCPFC requirements
  • Engage in a dialogue with WCPFC on harvest strategy to explore acceptable reference points
  • Continue the deployment of observers (more trips planned for 2017)
  • Continue implementation of Turtle National Plan of Action

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