Indonesia Fishery Improvement Program




Since 2010, Indonesian Yellowfin tuna fisheries (Purse-Seine, Longline, Pole & Line and Handline) are engaged in a Fisheries Improvement Program (FIP) with the goal of reaching Marine Stewardship Council certification. Fishing & Living activities have been focusing on the Handline Yellowfin tuna fishery whilst coordinating its activities with other gear specific FIPs. In January 2014, Fishing & Living partnered with a newly formed Indonesian NGO (MDPI) to implement and support Fishing & Living’s sustainability and community development activities.


Fishing & Living has been promoting and leading improvements in the Handline Yellowfin tuna fishery, focusing on the fishermen Anova sources from. Fishermen and traders are distributed all over the country which means that activities are being implemented in many locations (c.f. Update on Program). Activities include awareness campaigns on sustainable fisheries and marine conservation; data collection in cooperation with the local authorities, traders and fishermen; pilot project for the first fairtrade standards for wild-capture fisheries and cooperation with national government fisheries authorities as well as with other organizations that work towards improving the sustainability of Indonesian tuna fisheries and their communities.

Tuna FIPs in Indonesia

FIP differentiation table 1

The MDPI/Anova-Fishing & Living handline FIP is one of several FIPs: there are also the IPNLF Pole & Line FIP, the PT Intimas Surya Longline & Purse-seine FIP. These three FIP all feed into the overarching WWF Indonesia FIP, to provide a holistic approach to improvements in Indonesian tuna fisheries.