Cook Islands Fishery Improvement Program


Since 2013, Anova USA/ Fishing & Living has been involved in the Cook Islands Fishery Improvement Project for the Cook Islands pelagic longline fishery, as a co-operating partner with Luen Thai Fishing Venture. The FIP covers all vessels that are participating in the Cook Islands longline fishery that are catching western and central Pacific yellowfin tuna. Vessels in this fishery primarily fish within the Cook Islands EEZ and approximately 5% of fishing effort occurs on the high seas adjacent to the Cook Islands EEZ. Participants of this FIP currently include the Ministry of Marine Resources of the Cook Islands (MMR), Luen Thai Fishing Ventures and Anova USA/ Fishing & Living.

MSC certification of South Pacific Albacore Longline Fishery, Cook Islands EEZ

Given the favorable results of the pre-assessment, LTFV commissioned a full assessment for the Longline caught South Pacific Albacore harvested in the Cook Islands EEZ operated by vessels of the Liancheng Overseas Fishery (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd (SZLC), China Southern Fishery (Shenzen) Co. Ltd and China Fishing Agency Ltd. The South Pacific Albacore fishery was certified in June 2015.

Fisheries Improvement Project for the Western and Central Pacific Yellowfin Tuna Longline Fishery, Cook Islands EEZ

Yellowfin tuna (caught in both the Cook Islands EEZ and adjacent high seas) is currently in a Fishery Improvement Project.

FIP identity_table3