In Indonesia, as in many countries, living conditions in orphanages are extremely difficult and life in many cases is spent living with just the bare necessities. Clean drinking water is almost unheard of. In most situations, the orphanages must boil ground water before it can be consumed which is costly, time consuming and difficult to do on a large scale. Many children face long term illness from drinking bacterial contaminated water. We also find in many fishing communities, schools lack drinking water or sometimes any water at all.

It is a core value of the Fishing and Living Team to assist both schools and orphanages with clean water. In partnership with the PT Bali Seafood Inspection Laboratory the team checks water quality and if needed installs reverse osmosis water filter systems which include a UV light to kill bacteria. In all cases we bring the quality of water to that of World Health Association Standards. The systems are monitored over time by the laboratory staff and maintained by team members.

In the fishing communities from which we source out tuna, we have dug wells, provided clean water, built toilets, sinks, and pump houses so that the school children may have a healthy environment in which to study.

Three hundred US dollars buy a reverse osmosis water system which will support 50 children. We rely heavily on donations from the outside world for this program and greatly appreciate any assistance through our donation program.