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WWF Action Plan

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FIP provinces

In December 2013, WWF developed an Action Plan for the handline/longline Yellowfin fisheries improvement project. The action plan addresses all aspects of the MSC standards by defining specific goals, objectives and milestones to be achieved by a variety of stakeholders.

WHO: Governmental agencies (Department of Fisheries Resources (DECAFIREP), Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), Fisheries Information Center), Research centers (Research Institute for Marine Fisheries (RIMF)), the fishing industry and fishermen.

WHERE: The Action Plan focuses on 3 central provinces, where the majority of the fishery occurs: Binh Dinh, Phu Yen and Khan Hoa.

WHAT: Yellowfin Tuna; Longline and Handline with the objective of achieving the MSC standard.

WWF Vietnam Yellowfin Tuna FIP Action Plan (December 2013)



ANOVA/ Fishing & Living Action Plan

Phu Yen Province

Phu Yen Province

WHO: Many of the activities defined in the action are under the responsibility of the Vietnamese government and the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission. However, as part of the industry stakeholder group, ANOVA has an important role to play.

1) Hong Ngoc: one of our main business partner in Vietnam, located in Phu Yen province, has expressed commitment to the FIP.

2) VinaTuna & WWF Vietnam: Vietnam Tuna Association  and WWF Vietnam form the FIP Coordination Tuna, supporting the implementation of activities in the field, in collaboration with industry partners.

3) The fishermen

WHERE: Our activities will primarily focus on the central province of Phu Yen, where the fishery we source tuna from is located.

WHAT: Yellowfin Tuna; Longline and Handline with the objective of achieving the MSC standard. Our focus is on a subset of Milestones from the WWF Action Plan, mainly on MSC Principle 2 and 3 Milestones, including logbooks, observer programs, fishermen awareness and gear/fishing method improvements (e.g. circle hooks). ANOVA/Fishing & Living has therefore developed its own action plan.

ANOVA/Fishing & Living Yellowfin Tuna FIP Action Plan (September 2014)


Summary of the FIP Action Plan (Activity focused on by Fishing & Living in BLUE)

GOAL 1: To ensure that the tuna catches do not exceed sustainable levels

Outcome 1.1      Stock status improved and reference points applied in management

Activity 1.1.1     WCPFC would have to set explicit limit reference points which are consistent with the MSC definition of BLIM (0.2 B0), and for these to be applied to the harvest strategy (1.2.1)

Activity 1.1.2     Effective rebuilding strategy implemented for bigeye tuna (requires CCM and CNMs to implement effective measures, but to be achieved in the much longer term, i.e. 5-10 years, or greater)

Outcome 1.2      Data collection and Information systems strengthened

Activity 1.2.1      Continue to improve national data collection and monitoring at all levels

Outcome 1.3      Management strategies applied and supported by tools and the application of strong information and research

Activity 1.3.1      Implementation of a compatible harvest strategy in Vietnam waters (and compliance with CMMs), which would include longline, purse seine and other gears (including handline and gillnet) and would be consistent with Vietnam’s obligations developed through any future changes to 2012-01

Activity 1.3.2      Monitoring system in place (consistent with CMM 2010-03) which evaluates the effectiveness of the management measures

Activity 1.3.3      Establishing national harvest control rules (input and output restrictions) across the range of tuna fisheries which allow for limits to be implemented as reference points are approached

GOAL 2: To promote the ecosystem based approach to fisheries management

Outcome 2.1      Retained and bycatch species subject to a management strategy

Activity 2.1.1      Document the catch of bigeye tuna, shark, billfish, baitfish and other species in the handline and longline fisheries (See FIP action 2.1.3)

Activity 2.1.2      Undertake retained species and bycatch management strategy for all billfish and bait stocks and any other retained or bycatch species, if data shows catch rates to be 5% or more

Outcome 2.2      Shark management measures implemented

Activity 2.2.1      If certain sharks (silky, mako and thresher sharks) are found in fishery and retained, implement a partial strategy consistent with CMM 2010-07. Implement full strategy to prevent retention capture of oceanic whitetips (CMM 2011-03/CITES App 2) and scalloped, great and smooth hammerheads (CITES App 2). Establish shark NPOA

Outcome 2.3      Turtle management strengthened

Activity 2.3.1      Monitor and implement a turtle management mitigation policy; update turtle NPOA

Outcome 2.4      Habitats subject to a management strategy

Activity 2.4.1      Incorporate a requirement to record gear losses into the national observer programme

Outcome 2.5      Ecosystems and biodiversity assessments made for the Vietnamese and South China Sea region

Activity 2.5.1      Assess the ecosystem impact for the Vietnam EEZ /South China Sea Sub region

GOAL 3: Fisheries Governance strengthened

Outcome 3.1      Fisheries Law effectively implemented

Activity 3.1.1      Clarification of Vietnam’s status within the convention, and extension of the convention area to the Vietnam

Activity 3.1.2      Implementation of the Fisheries Law containing core elements which prioritise sustainable fisheries, and provisions for implementation of international conventions including CMMs

Outcome 3.2      Roles and responsibilities and consultation processes fully implemented

Activity 3.2.1      Implementation of the Advisory Council through the National Tuna Management Plan (NTMP) process

Activity 3.2.2      Revise the a tuna fisheries strategy so that long term and short term objectives demonstrate effective implementation of sustainable fisheries management systems

Outcome 3.3      Positive incentives promoted

Activity 3.3.1      Review negative and positive incentives against the stock status for yellowfin and bigeye, as well as the impact on bycatch

Outcome 3.4      Fishery specific management objectives applied

Activity 3.4.1      Handline fishery is included along with the other tuna fisheries contained within the management plan

Outcome 3.5      Decision making process strengthened

Activity 3.5.1      Clarify decision-making structure defined with the NTMP

Outcome 3.6      Effective application of compliance systems

Activity 3.6.1      Strengthen the compliance monitoring system

Outcome 3.7      National research plan is in place

Activity 3.7.1      National research plan in place which addresses P1 and P2 requirements